Akkroo, Integrations and Duplicates

Avatar Ilemi Arrindell, 

If you use a CRM or Marketing Automation software, you may well be familiar with the concept (and sometimes pain!) of working with duplicate records. We've outlined the different instances of duplicate data and how this may work with your integration with Akkroo.

Duplicate leads in Akkroo

Akkroo uses the email address as the unique identifier in our integrations and will mark duplicates based on this. This is similar to how Hubspot approach this challenge.

We define a duplicate record as:

"A record that has the same email address as another record collected by the same app user, at one event"

When viewing duplicates in Akkroo, these will be listed as individual records.

How these records are pushed to your integrated CRM or Marketing Automation software is dependent on your chosen update rule for your event.

  • Replace existing data, including blank answers
  • Insert new leads and update existing leads (matched on email)
  • Insert new leads only

If you select one of the first two options, Akkroo will try to merge the data with your existing entries. If you select the last option, we will only try to create a new record.

What happens when the data reaches your system 

Each of these platforms will have their own systems for determining and dealing with duplicate data.

Should you choose only to create new records this could be impacted by your duplication settings in that platform, i.e. the record will not save.

If you have chosen to update existing leads, then you may be overwriting existing data. You will lose any prior notes.


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