Managing device security

Avatar Ilemi Arrindell, 

Akkroo has stringent security measures in place to ensure your data is safe when it reaches the dashboard and our database is not comprised. When data is stored locally on your device (if your iPad or device is offline) you should ensure you have in place adequate security. 

How do I ensure my data is encrypted? - iOS

iOS devices encrypt all data on your device providing you've enabled a passcode/ pin code. If you use your device without one, you maybe be putting any personal information or data on there (emails, photos and banking details) at risk. 

Apple's Passcode security is so good that even the US Federal Government were unable to open an iPhone, you can read more about that case here

Passcodes and erasing data - iOS

Once a passcode has been enabled, it is not possible to access the device or the data stored on it unless the passcode is entered. Attempting to open the device by brute force will trigger an erase and all data on the device will be deleted. You can control the number of attempts allowed before the device is wiped from the iOS settings app. 

Security and software updates - iOS

Apple and other companies will often make updates to their devices operating systems, including security patches to ensure your device remains safe. If your device is running an outdated operating system you may be putting yourself at risk. We recommend keeping your software up to date on all your devices, as well as installing any Akkroo updates. 

Loop mode & Guided Access - iOS

If you use Akkroo in a kiosk or hand out the iPads to leads to complete themselves, you should enable the loop feature whilst setting up your event. This will require the app passcode to be entered in order to exit the current form.

If your device also receives emails or has other sensitive data you should also make use of Apple's Guided Access feature, this will prevent them leaving the app and seeing other information that may be stored on your device. You can find further instructions on enabling this here

Find out more on how we look after your data and approach data security in our comprehensive Trust & Security pages. 

Logging out

App users can logout of the Akkroo app, switch accounts and share devices (without having to delete and reinstall). 

  1. Open the Akkroo app
  2. Navigate to the side menu and tap 'Settings'
  3. Tap the link 'Logout of [account]'
  4. Respond to popup (either confirm and logout, or cancel and sync your data)
  5. If you need to manually force the app to sync, navigate to your event’s records page and perform a pull-down action


  • Logging-out of the app will cause any unsynced data to be lost - you'll see a pop-up notification as a reminder. It's worth double-checking that your records have synced before you logout.
  • To log back into the Akkroo app, you'll need your username and passcode. If you can’t remember these, you can tap the Forgotten Passcode button to receive your login credentials via email.

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