Enhance your records with notes and photos

Avatar Ilemi Arrindell, 

If you need to record additional information that's too long for a note, or simply want to put a name to a face, the camera field is a great addition to your form!

In the Form Builder select the Take a Photo field.



Record extra notes

The business card scanning field is great for capturing contact details, but won't be able to capture any other kinds of information. This is where the camera field can be really useful.

If you have additional paper notes or supporting documents, simply attach them to the lead as a photo. Please note that any text will not go through our transcription service.



Remember a face

Tap on the photo field in the form and take a snap of their face! You can view the image from your Akkroo dashboard. This works great for event based competitions too, you can even send them the photo in a follow-up email! Tapping on the photo that you've taken brings up additional options to delete or retake the photo, as shown below:




Add notes to records in the app

You now have the ability to add notes/star to the last 5 records that have been collected on an individual device, after it has been collected from within the App.

This functionality already exists within the online Akkroo dashboard, however we're very pleased to say it is available in both online or offline, within the App itself.

  1. Submit an Akkroo form 
  2. Hold the Wi-Fi icon in the top right and drag it to the left
  3. A statistics panel will appear with your most recent registrations displayed at the bottom
  4. You now have the ability to star and/or add additional notes

Add notes to records in the dashboard

How to easily tag sign-ups with a 1 to 5 star rating and add notes to the profiles of individuals you wish to recall later. Perfect for identifying hot leads or persons of interests.

  1. Log into the dashboard
  2. Select the event and then pick the delegate you would like to add notes/star
  3. At the top of the page is the ability to star (5 max) the delegate within the profile card
  4. At the bottom of the page is the ability to add additional comments to a delegate
  5. All information added is displayed in the exported spreadsheet

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