Use webhooks for notifications

Avatar Craig Reid, 

Understanding & using webhooks

Webhooks are a way to prompt Akkroo to call a script or send some data to your own web server when a person registers at an event or when payload is captured.

An example of how this might be useful is as follows:

  • Event: a person arrives at an event and registers onto the guestlist
  • Action: Akkroo sends a payload to a URL on your website, letting you instantly create a user account for that person

Visit our Webhook Documentation

Other uses could include:

  • Updating a live statistics display in your office
  • Sending an SMS message
  • Printing a conference label or badge

Each of these tasks would require additional coding on your part, but Webhooks provide a great and simple way to start extending Akkroo today. For more advanced tasks, you might want to consider our REST API.

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