Syncing your data

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It's always best to check your device is connecting to your dashboard shortly before your event starts. You can use the sync option in the Help menu to test this. You can check our pre-event checklist for advice on this. 

You will only be able to sync data when you are connected to an internet source.

Best conditions for a sync

A stable private wifi connection (like in your home or office that will require a password) is optimal for syncing.

If you are using an open wifi hotspot, event wifi or a mobile connection (4G) and it seems to be taking a while to sync your records try switching to one of the preferred connections above.

Checking what has and hasn’t synced

In the records view you will be able to see what has successfully synced and what is still waiting to go through to the dashboard.

A singular clear dot means the device is in offline mode and the records has not yet attempted to sync. A green dot indicates a record that has successfully synced.

To trigger a sync simply pull your finger down the screen in the records view.

How to force a sync

The app will continue to attempt to sync records whilst the app is open and in use, however you may want trigger a sync manually. This can be done from the help menu in app. 


NOTE: Do not delete the app unless you are certain all data has been synced from the device to the dashboard. If you delete the app when there is unsynced data on the device, you will be unable to retrieve the data. 

Still having trouble? Contact us ASAP at If you have tried the steps above and are still having trouble contact us ASAP. Contacting us a while after the event may mean we don’t have enough data to thoroughly investigate. 

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