Using pre-registration for events with check-in

Avatar Clare Knight, 

Setting up a pre-registration form allows attendees to register for an event using their name and email address, ready for check-in on an Akkroo guest list and app. You are able to customise the web form by asking additional questions after check-in.

Setting up pre-registration events

When creating or editing an event, scroll down to the section "Event features" and use the slider to enable Track Attendance. This will allow you to upload a spreadsheet of pre-registered attendees for an event. You can also enable Setup online pre-registration, meaning that users can pre-register themselves via web form.


Set an end for pre-registration

This will set a date and time that pre-registrations will close. No further attendees will be able to register via the form after this date. 

Set a maximum number of pre-registrations

If you only have a certain number of spaces available for your event, you can put a limit on the number of registrations. When this limit is reached the form will close and no further registrations can be made. 

Press Continue at the bottom of the page to move to the form builder.

Customise your success page message for pre-registration events


You are able to create your own custom success message when someone completes the pre-registration form. To do this:

In the form builder, click on Settings at the top right hand corner, then customise the Pre-registration Success Message.

When done, press Save & Finish at the bottom of the page.

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