Change the look of your form

Avatar Clare Knight, 

There are a number of ways in which you can change the look of your form to meet your own brand guidelines. 

1. Customise the colours of your form

You can use our preset colour styles for your forms by clicking on the line of coloured boxes above the form. Alternatively, you can create forms with your specific branding by using hex codes or the pop-up colour palette.

To view the colour editor, click on 'Customise Colours' at the top of the form.


Revert Colours

Make as many changes to the style of your form and have the ability to revert back to your original style.

Set as Default

If you create a style that you would like to use for future forms, save time and set it as a default style.

How to find and use hex codes

If your branding or images have specific colours, you can use browser tools or software like Photoshop to find out hex codes:

Grabbing Hex Codes for Colours

Change RGB colours into Hex Codes

Find the hex code from an image

Using hex codes in the form builder will ensure that your branding remains consistent.

2. Adjust the spacing of your questions

Using the field spacing options at the top, you can decide how your questions will be spaced in the app. If you have a higher number of fields in your form the closer spacing option can reduce scrolling and keep your form concise. 


3. Best practice for form styles

It is always a good idea to make the following main Theme Colours different.

Main Form Colour - this is the main background colour of the form

Font Colour - the colour of the text on the form

Highlight Colour - this is the colour of the background of certain fields like checkboxes and multiple choice questions

If you can’t view any text on your form within the app, check that your Main Form Colour and Font Colour are not the same.

4. How to brand your forms with an image

Using branding images in your form will reinforce your branding and make it visually engaging to delegates, customers, and attendees.

Simply drag and drop-in a PNG or JPEG image file into the ‘Select or upload an image’ area, or click ‘Upload a file’ to select an image from your files.

There are two types of branding images that you can use.

Branding banner

If you want to have your logo or image on the form with the question fields, then you can use a banner image. This means users get straight into the data collection process.

Branding banner image dimensions: 768px X 280px.

Full branding page

This will allow you to have a full page ‘screensaver’ before users begin completing the form. This is perfect for devices used in kiosk stands or if you would like to showcase your branding.

Full branding page dimensions: 768px X 959px.

All images that you upload will be saved to your account for future use on your forms. You are currently unable to delete the files that you upload, and we currently support 10 branding images stored at once.

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