Edit your form settings

Avatar Clare Knight, 

Every form has a set of preferences, to get access to them, click the ‘Settings’ tab in the upper right-hand corner of the preview pane. The form preferences panel will appear with a number of settings.


1. Arrival message

When using a check-in event that allows unregistered attendees to sign up at arrival, the wording on the initial landing screen can be a question. e.g. “Welcome! Have you registered before?”

2. Success message

Once an attendee has checked-in or submitted their details, the text used on the following screen can be edited. e.g. “Thanks for registering!”

3. Done screen title

This is the toolbar along the top of the ‘Done’ screen, visible to the user immediately after they submit their form.

4. Pop-up window contents

This is the content that shows when a user clicks a ‘pop-up window link’. To create a link within a question title, use this format {{example}}.


In the form - “Yes, I agree to your {{Terms & Conditions}}.”

In the pop-up window - copy and paste your company Terms & Conditions into the window in the settings page.


You will need to view the form in the app to view the pop-up window. For web forms, clicking on the highlighted text will create a text box at the end of the form.


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