Getting started with Form Builder

Avatar Craig Reid, 

We have a range of guides and tutorials within the Help Centre to assist you with using Akkroo. Here is the Quick Start guide for setting up a form. 

Use the Form Builder to create and customise your data capture forms:

1. Create a new event

Log in to your dashboard. Click on the Create Event button.

Fill out your event name. You should also set an accurate start & end date to help manage your events. You can also customise your event if you need to check-in guests. 

If you wish to embed your form on your website or share it with a URL you will need to enable sharing & web form features. 

2. Customise the look and style

In the Form Builder, click on the title toolbar at the top of the form, or click on the 'Customise Colours' button above the form. This will open the colour menu. Select your chosen colours for both the background of the form and the font. These can be set to match your corporate brand guidelines.

Upload and add your own artwork to your form. This can either be in a 'banner' format at the top of your form (eg. your company logo) or a full-page splash screen that is visible before the form.

Select Add a branding image and then either upload the Full Branding Page (768px wide x 944px high) or Branding Banner (720px wide x 320px high). 

3. Add and reorder questions

To add questions to your form, click on the Add a question button at the bottom of the form. Choose from a selection of question types and customise them as needed. 

To reorder your questions, click on a question field and drag and drop to another position within the form. 

When you are happy with your form, click Save & Finish at the bottom of the page. It is very important to press this button, as if you skip this step, then any changes made to the event itself (on the previous page) or changes made to your form will not properly save. We also recommend you regularly save to ensure your work is not lost due to the session timing out. 

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