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Avatar Clare Knight, 

Akkroo allows you to do more than just list a bunch of qualifying questions. Below you'll find a quick overview of the different elements that make your event a success.

1. What is considered an "event"?

An event is the complete setup for a particular period of time when you wish to collect data. It includes your form (the core of the event), emails & any integrations you maybe using.

2. Setting a start and end date for your event

Event start dates

Choosing to set an event start date that matches your actual event date orders your events chronologically within your Dashboard and the Akkroo app, which is useful if you have a lot of events in time. It will make it easier to find and manage your events in the dashboard as you continue to use Akkroo.

Event end dates

Setting an end date for your event can help you manage your events within the dashboard. You will still be able to collect data if the end date passes. 

3. Build your form

Your form is a crucial part of your event set up. When creating your question set, bear in mind the ease & speed with which the team on the ground will be able to fill it out in a busy environment.

You can find out more about using the Form Builder here.

4. Other components

Sending a follow up email

A ‘receipt’ email is a popular way to thank someone for taking the time to speak with you on your stand. Providing you have the lead's permission, it can also be used to send over useful white papers or additional information.

Taking the time to create a thoughtful email is another way to nail your set up.

Post event data

Aside from prepping for the team on the ground, you might want to think about your processes for the data post event. There are a number of ways to start these processes in Akkroo.

Customize your export 

Salesforce integration


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