Logic within the form

Avatar Clare Knight, 

Logic is a way to apply rules to your form based on the user’s behaviour. This helps to shorten the form and show or hide particular fields based on what is selected.

For example:

A user answers the question “Did you use our product at your last event?” by selecting “Yes”. This action then shows the question, “What was the main reason for your choice?”


To use Logic in your form, you need to ensure that you have at least one field as a condition, and a second field that can be shown or hidden.

To add rules to a field, you must first go to the field you want to show/hide. Click on the ‘Logic’ tab to reveal the Logic window.

1. Action

When you open the ‘Logic’ window it will ask the action to ‘Show this question if’. The action is what will happen to this field.

Choose a Field Name - this is the field on your form that you want to use as a basis for your rule.

2. Condition

The condition will also determine what action that will happen. Conditions will vary depending on the field types that you select.

Choose a condition - you have a number of options for this but it is always useful to run through what the user will be doing. E.g. You can choose, ‘selects’, ‘is displayed’, ‘is answered’ etc.

3. Rule

The rules are made up of the question fields and the different values within those questions.

Value - this is one of the options from a question field, which the user must select or not select, based on the condition that you have selected.

You are able to preview your form in the app on your device. We advise that you do this prior to your event so that you have time to make edits and sync your device to pull through any changes.


Preview your Logic

The Form Builder preview is intended to show you what the form fields will look like when displayed, however it also displays the conditional questions you have selected for chosen fields. In order to test the Logic, you will need to view the form in the app.

What to do if your Logic isn't working

When using logic you can mix and match different field types, but if you have built rules for a particular field and the target field is not showing or is hidden, it’s possible your logic prevents the condition from ever being true. Please review your rules by editing the existing form, to make sure you do not have any conflicts and then be sure to save the form again. Also, please keep in mind that when applying conditional form logic, the value field is case sensitive.

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