Using Field IDs

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What are IDs?

IDs are a way of distinguishing between different question fields within an Akkroo form. Question fields are automatically assigned specific IDs. These are not visible in the form builder. You are most likely to see the IDs for the first time when you export the data into an Excel or CSV file - they will be the titles of the columns.

You are able to edit them to your preferred IDs, so that your exported data suits your needs.

IDs generally include one or two words and follow the format of the second word having a capital letter. e.g. fullName

There is no limit to the number of characters for the headings/IDs. It is recommended that IDs are kept short and specific. It is best to use text only and no numbers, symbols, or spaces.

Where are IDs used within Akkroo?

  1. Question fields - each field has a unique default ID
  2. Exports - when you export data, the IDs will be shown as column headers

Changing IDs for other fields

It is best to leave fields with their default IDs as it helps to reduce any errors that may have a knock on effect. However, if you do need to change any field IDs, this is possible.

Generally, default IDs are created by using the last two words of the question title. Examples below:

Question Title


Event Date


What type of event is this?



In the example above, the Event Date ID can stay the same, as it is very clear what field it relates to. However, it would be sensible to change the “What type of event is this?” ID to something more relevant. See below:

Question Title

Edited ID

Event Date


What type of event is this?



Where do I make these changes to the IDs?


Now that you have an understanding of how IDs work and how to create new ones, you need to know where to put them.

It is a simple process, which is detailed below.

  1. Make sure that you use the correct format for an ID. You will need to enter “; exampleID” including the semi colon. E.g. ; eventType
  2. Click on the question field that you want to edit.
  3. Within the Question box, enter the new ID after the question. Be sure to leave a space after the question ends and before the ID semi-colon. 

This method can also be used to convert countries into country codes (you may be able to find a list of these in your Customer Relationship Management/CRM software, such as SalesForce).

4.Click Save & Finish at the bottom of the form.

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