Set up Email Submission Notifications

Avatar Clare Knight, 

Send an email to yourself when a form is submitted

Submission notifications is a feature that sends a copy of data collected from a form after it has been completed to an email address of your choice. 

This is a feature that needs to be turned on for your account by the Akkroo team. Just get in touch if you would like to use it by emailing

If you need to notify different email addresses, you can add several submission notifications to a form. Just click Add New to add more.

Setup the email submission notification

1. Log into your dashboard and click on an event
2. Click on Send emails

3. Click Add New

4. Click on Submission Notification

5. Select the email address that you would like to send a notification to. Leave the checkbox unticked next to Only send this notification when the form responses match a list of specific values if you want to send a notification every time the form is completed, regardless of the answers they select in the form.


6. If you only want to send a notification when a specific answer is given within the form, you can tick that box and select the details that are needed. 


Your submission notification will now be set up for this event. To add more submission notifications for the same and/or different email addresses, just complete the process again.

Pro Tip: Send specific responses to different people

An easy way to send different form submissions to different emails is to create multiple submission notifications for one form. You can setup each with a filter based on a form field.    

For example if you choose between two departments on your form (European and North America), you could setup one submission notification that sends an email to when Europe is selected, and a second submission notification that sends an email to when North America is selected.

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