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N.B. Marketo are currently rolling out a change of product terminology as such, you may see "Person/People" in place of "Lead/Leads" in your Marketo system. 
What is the Marketo Leads integration?
Using the Marketo Leads integration, you can instantly create or update Leads inside Marketo using the data collected in Akkroo data capture forms (on the app or web forms)You can send any text or selection data from the Akkroo forms you create.
What the integration can do:
  • Where an email doesn't exist in the Lead Database, the integration creates a brand new Leads in Marketo using information from Akkroo form (app or webform)
  • The data is passed to Marketo in real-time
  • Update the status of people inside events (Smart Campaign Events) using Akkroo's check-in functionality
What the integration cannot do (yet!):
  • Create or update other Custom Objects
  • Handle inbound data
Effectively, the automation carries out this activity automatically on your behalf:
Steps: Setting Up the Marketo Leads integration
You need to contact support ( or your account manager to turn on this Marketo integration feature for your account before you can follow these steps.
1: Initial Setup - Enable API access inside Marketo
Open the Admin drop down in the menu tree within Marketo, select Security > Users & Roles.
Create a new role. In Role Name enter "API Role". Make sure the Read-Write Lead check box is checked (it may also be called Read-Write Person). 
From the Users menu, choose Invite New User menu option.
In the pop up window that appears, fill in "Step 1: Info" with the user's personal details, using an email address you have access to, then press NEXT at the bottom right. In "Step 2: Permissions", ensure that the permissions are set as shown in the image below. "API Role" and "API Only" should be checked. 


Under "Step 3: Message", press SEND at the bottom right.

Open the Admin > Integration > LaunchPoint page in the navigation tree area within Marketo.
From the Installed Services tab, select New > New Service.
Complete the form as shown in this image. Ensure Service is set to Custom and API Only User is the newly created API user, using the email you added a moment ago.


When the new service has been created, tap
View Details.
Take note of the Client Id and the Client Secret. These will be needed at a later stage to add inside the Akkroo Dashboard. Press Close.
Go to Admin > Integration > Web Services in the tree navigation within Marketo.
Take note of the Identity URL and the REST Endpoint URL as these will be required at a later stage within the Akkroo Dashboard. 
2: First Run - Now set up the Marketo Leads integration inside Akkroo
You need to contact support ( or your account manager to turn on this Marketo integration feature for your account before you can follow these steps.
Open your dashboard, and choose Settings > Integrations from the main navigation. Tap the Add new link. 
Select the Marketo icon and tap Add. (If you don't see this icon you need to contact to enable it on your account. Integrations are a paid-for feature).
Using the details you've collected from Marketo in Step 1, enter your Client ID, Client Secret, Identity Service URL and REST Service URL and tap the Get Auth URL link, then after, press the Authorise Marketo button.
First run setup is complete. Your account is now ready for you to setup individual events, which should create new Marketo leads.
Using the Integration: Create or update new leads automatically in Marketo
You will need to repeat this step of the process for each event that will create new Marketo Leads. Alternatively you can duplicate and modify an existing event where the Marketo integration has already been set up.
Choose an event from your dashboard, and click into it. From the options, select the Setup integrations button. 
From the options, choose Marketo.
Next you'll need to decide whether you want us to replace existing data inside Marketo.

If business card scanning is enabled on your account, you're able to determine which source should be used to fill a Marketo Lead Property if the transcription and the form send different values to it.

It's time to map your fields between your Akkroo event and Marketo leads. Tap Edit field mappings to start making the changes.
In the left column are fields from your Akkroo event form. The right column are your fields in Marketo. Fields set to Unassigned will not be filled with any Akkroo data.
And that's it! When you collect data using the app or web forms, the new leads will appear in Marketo automatically, and the Marketo Lead details will be filled using data from the Akkroo form.
Update someone's status inside a Smart Campaign Event
In Marketo setup a custom field to identify records sent through by Akkroo. This can be a set field specific to Akkroo or just a campaign ID field. Make sure this field is also in your Akkroo form and mapped correctly for the event.


In Marketo select the smart campaign you wish to use and start a new flow using your custom field as the filter.


This can then be used to trigger any workflow as desired, for example updating a leads program status.


You can find out more about using Marketo Smart Campaigns here.

Questions & Related Tasks
Can I update an existing Marketo contact by submitting the same person's data twice?
Yes, as long as you have the integration within the Akkroo dashboard set to one of the two "Replace existing data" options.
Please note, Marketo uses its own, separate method of checking for duplicates which we do not mirror - this could impact the updating of leads.
How fast will my leads appear in Marketo?
Usually a few seconds after they appear in the Akkroo dashboard.
Can I create or update contacts in Marketo using this integration?
Yes, when setting up an Akkroo integration you'll be asked "Do you want us to replace existing data inside Marketo?" can then select whether you'd like to replace existing data.
For more information, let us know at
Can I create ldeas in Marketo when using check-in functionality?
It's only possible to create new contacts from data capture events.
Can I map multiple form questions to one field in Marketo?
Yes, it is possible to update one Marketo field with the data from multiple form questions. For example, you may have split products out into categories but only have one Marketo field for these.
How does this feature work when my devices are offline?
Leads are queued to be added to Marketo as soon as the data synchronises to the Akkroo dashboard.
Can I use the same integration over multiple Akkroo accounts?
You must setup an independent integration link for each separate Akkroo account. A cost will apply for each additional account that needs an integration.
Can I import the data that I collected before I set up the integration on an event?
You must setup the integration prior to collecting data. Data collected before setting up the integration must be manually exported and imported using CSV or Excel.
How do I disable or remove an integration from an event?
From the Integrations screen for the event, under the Marketo row, select Remove Integration.
What is happening to special characters in email addresses?
Email addresses containing special and accented characters are rejected by Marketo (Akkroo does not modify any data when saved or transferred to third-party services).
If a lead is affected by an error, can I resend the lead to Marketo after I've corrected the issue?
Yes with our 'resend outbound integration' functionality, you can resend affected leads to Marketo from within the dashboard. See Help Centre article, ➡️ Resend leads to integrated platforms.

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