Using link collection in your form

Avatar Clare Knight, 

Set up the Link Collection field within your form

Link Collection is a way of allowing a delegate to request more information about a specific topic or product of interest, and then receive an instant trigger email with URL links to the information they selected.

Set up the field

In the form builder for your event, click on add a question and select 'Link Collection'. Add your initial question for the field, for example: "Which assets would you like to receive?"

After you have done the question, you now need to fill in the details for the Link collection. There are two parts that must be included.

Label - the text that the user will see in the Form

URL - the link to the PDF, video or web page that will be used within the email


Once you've filled in the details for your Links, you also have the option to rearrange the order in which they are displayed. To do that, simply click and drag an asset to drop it in the order you would prefer.

Set up a trigger email

In order for the Link Collection field to work correctly, you’ll need to setup a trigger email and then select/insert the links to your email using the personalisation drop-down tool. You can find out more about setting this up here

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