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Enabling sharing & web forms allows you to embed your form on your website or share via a publicly accessible URL.

They work both on mobile and desktop browsers making it easy for users on all types of devices. However, the badge scanning, business card scanning and signature field question types are not supported on web forms.

When setting up or editing your form, adjust the slider to turn on sharing of the web form.


Using web forms

1. Click on your event and select Add this form to your website




2. You will need to select your colours for your web form as any styling that you selected in the form builder will not be pulled through for the web form. Do this by using hex codes that match your branding and the page that you are embedding the web form in.




3. If you would like the form to reload once completed tick "Return to the form after seeing "thank you' page. This will cause the browser to return to a blank form 5 seconds after a registration is submitted.

4. Copy the link to share the form, or copy the embed code to add it to your website

Setup a web form with an automatic redirect

If you can embed the HTML code into your CRM or website, tick the custom thank you box, enter the URL of the page the form will be hosted on and embed the code. This will mean when you submit the form it will redirect back to the page the form is hosted on.

Note: the ability to redirect a lead to a designated "thank you" page after filling out a web form is only supported when you use the embed form HTML. It is not supported with the use of the shared link.

Setting up an embed code

1. create a blank HTML file (template looks like this):




<title>Your Form</title>



<!--Place Akkroo embed code here-->



2. Generate the webform, setup the thank you page URL as the final URL where this page will be hosted e.g.

3. Then replace the <!— Place Akkroo embed code here --> with the embed code

4. Save the file as (e.g. form.htm) and upload it so it appears online as in the example (e.g. at ``)

5. Pressing submit will get it to return back to the same page

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