Building custom integrations with Akkroo - Webhooks or API?

Avatar Andy Higgs, 

We offer developers the use of Webhooks and a REST-based API to programmatically access the collected customer data from the Akkroo dashboard, and this help article will try and help you decide which you should use.



All data collected via the Akkroo app or web forms is stored in the Akkroo dashboard, and this is where it will be sent or retrieved from.

Making a choice

Before you make a choice about whether Webhooks or the API will suit your needs best, please consider the following:

  • The vast majority of our customers building custom applications use our real-time Webhooks to receive the data. It's the fastest and easiest way to share data from Akkroo with your own service. Data is sent as soon as it's present in the dashboard.
  • Should the real-time option not suit you, or you really need to deal with extracting large amounts of data in one go, then the REST API can be useful, but we always advise you start by considering a Webhooks implementation first, and then considering any limitations that might mean you need to use the REST API.
  • Sometimes you may need to combine the two services to extract all the data you require, however in most cases a Webhook will pass all the data you should need.

More information

Once you've made a choice, there's comprehensive information to help you implement a solution in our Help articles and Developer Documentation:

If you have any specific questions regarding the best approach, drop an email to and we will be able to offer technical advice.

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