Using event templates

Avatar Andy Higgs, 

What are Event Templates, and why would you use them?

Event Templates allow you to easily replicate your standard event questions and assets over multiple events with minimal hassle. They can only be edited by team members with Account Owner permissions so templates allow you to have control over who can make changes.

An Event Template can be created as a new event or you can convert an existing event into a template. Once set up just duplicate and edit the copy to create your new event, this can be done by all team members.

As you can not collect data on an Event Template, they will not be visible within your app.

Your team can duplicate from an Event Template as many times as they like, which creates new, editable events to which they can make changes.

Only Account Owners are able to edit or change the original template. This is ideal if you have preset settings such as colour schemes or email content you wish to retain for each new event, but you don't want the risk of others making changes. 

How do you create Event Templates?

If you are creating a new event simply tick checkbox Use this as a template for other events, under the event name.


To change an existing event into a template, you can open and edit the event, the checkbox will appear in the same place under the event name.

If you use follow-up emails or have an Integration set up, these can also be applied to your Event Template. These will be copied across when the event is duplicated.

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