Organising your events: collections, hiding & showing

Avatar Andy Higgs, 

Better event management with Collections & Event Hiding

Use our event management features in the dashboard to manage groups of events in your apps and dashboard, and control what your app users see in the Akkroo app. These event management features are available to try and available on a range of our plans. 

Using Collections to Group related events

Switch to the collections view inside the dashboard to take advantage of the new feature. Collections show up inside the app and dashboard.




The collections you create in the dashboard appear inside the app when you create your first Collection.

Show and hide draft or prepared events inside the app

Using the switches alongside the events in the dashboard, you can change their visibility inside the app to either; Visible, Hidden. Hidden events won't be visible to your app users but will still be synced to the app. This is best used for forms you have pre-built for future events and will stop data accidentally being collected on the wrong form.

For events that have passed or you no longer need, we recommend archiving them; unlike hiding this will prevent them syncing to the app.

How to create new Collections

1. Select the Collections tab

2. Tick the boxes of the events you'd like to add to a new Collections

3. Select Actions in the top right and click Move to Collection collections.001.png 4. Click Move to Collection and then you events will appear in their new Collections view

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