Set up an Eloqua contacts integration

Avatar Craig Reid, 
Using Eloqua contacts integration, you can instantly convert the details of people you collect in Akkroo data capture forms into new and existing Eloqua Contacts. You can share any text-based or selection data from the Akkroo forms you create. 
What the integration can do:
  • Create new Contacts within Eloqua
  • Add any data to Eloqua if the email address already exists within Contacts 
  • Update any existing Contacts in Eloqua
What the integration cannot do (yet!):
  • Create or update any object other than a contact

First Run: Setting up the Eloqua Contacts integration
You need to contact support ( or your account manager to turn on this Eloqua integration feature for your account before you can follow these steps.
Enable your account to integrate with Eloqua Contacts. Open your dashboard, and choose Settings > Integrations from the main navigation. Tap the Add new... link. 
Select the Eloqua icon and tap Add.
Click Login to Eloqua. You will be redirected to Eloqua to sign in. 
Log in using your Eloqua company name, username and password.
Click Accept to permit Akkroo to send data to Eloqua.
First run setup is complete. Your account is now ready for you to setup individual events which should create new Eloqua Contacts.
Using the Integration: Create new and update exisitng contacts automatically in Eloqua
You will need to repeat this step of the process for each event that will create new Eloqua Contacts. Alternatively you can duplicate and modify an existing event where the Eloqua integration had already been set up.
Choose an event from your dashboard, and click into it. From the options, choose select the Setup integrations button. 
From the options, choose Eloqua 
Choose whether you'd like to add new contacts or update or replace existing records.
If you would like to update existing records but keep data that is not included on the form choose Replace existing data, ignoring blank answers. If you would only like to add new contacts then select Do not replace existing data, existing contacts will not be updated
It's time to map your fields between your Akkroo event and Eloqua. Scroll down the page and tap Edit field mappings to start making the changes.
In the left column are fields from your Akkroo event form. The right column are your fields in Eloqua. Fields set to Unassigned will not be filled with any Akkroo data.
And that's it! When you collect data using the app or web forms, the new contacts will appear in Eloqua and existing contacts will be updated automatically. The Eloqua Contact details will be filled using data from the Akkroo form.
Questions & Related Tasks
How fast will my contacts appear in Eloqua?
Usually a few seconds after they appear in the Akkroo dashboard.
How does this feature work when my devices are offline?
Contacts are queued to be added to Eloqua as soon as the data synchronises to the Akkroo dashboard.
Can I use the same integration over multiple Akkroo accounts?
You must set up an independent integration link for each separate Akkroo account. A cost will apply for each additional account which needs an integration.
Can I map multiple form questions to one field in Eloqua?
Yes, it is possible to update one Eloqua field with the data from multiple form questions. For example, you may have split products out into categories but only have one Eloqua field for these.
Can I import the data that I collected before I set up the integration on an event?
You must setup the integration prior to collecting data. Data collected before setting up the integration must be manually exported and imported using CSV or Excel.
How do I disable or remove an integration from an event?
From the Integrations screen for the event, under the Eloqua row, select Remove Integration.
If a lead is affected by an error, can I resend the lead to Eloqua after I've corrected the issue?
Yes with our 'resend outbound integration' functionality, you can resend affected leads to Eloqua from within the dashboard. See Help Centre article, ➡️ Resend leads to integrated platforms.

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