Set up a Hubspot Guest List integration

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What is the Hubspot Guest List Check-in integration?
Using the Hubspot Guest List integration, you can update Hubspot with information about individuals who attended an event where an Akkroo guest list was used.
It works by setting the event name as a Property on the Contact inside Hubspot at the moment they are checked-in on the guest list in the Akkroo App
Example use
You decide to run an event where you will be using an Akkroo guest list. You create a brand new Smart or Static List of Contacts inside Hubspot, export the list as a CSV, then upload the list into the Akkroo guest list event in the Akkroo Dashboard.
With the integration setup ahed of the event (as per the instructions later in this article), when a person checks-in from the guest list, the Akkroo Attended Events property on the Contact inside Hubspot is updated with the unique identifying name of the event.
Similarly, if you are allowing guests to add themselves to the guest list at the door, and the individual is not on the original guest list, they will be created inside Hubspot as a brand new Contact, and the Akkroo Attended Events property will be set.
Using Smart Lists inside Hubspot and the historical property search "Akkroo Attended Events has ever been equal to My Example Event", you can then group all people who attended that event (and conversely get a 'negative list', of people who were on the original list, but who did not check-in).
Steps: Setting Up the Hubspot Guest List Check-in integration
1. Inside Hubspot, create a new Contact Property to store the attended event names.
Follow Contact Properties > Create new property. Create the field with the following settings:
  • Type - Single-line text
  • Label - Akkroo Attended Events
  • Internal name (auto-generated) - akkroo_attended_events

2. Inside the Akkroo Form Builder, add a text field, check the Hidden option (so it isn't visible in the form) and set the Default Value to the unique event name (you will use this value to create lists from inside Hubspot, so it needs to be unique).

3. (Optional) You only need to complete step 3 if you do not ask additional questions once a person checks-in.

Add an additional column to the guest list spreadsheet you upload which contains the unique event name value on every row. When you are asked Which columns are which?, link the column from the spreadsheet to the hidden field you created. This ensures that the correct event information is sent to Hubspot even when post-check-in questions are not asked.


4. Inside the Akkroo Dashboard, on the Hubspot integration page for the event, map the new hidden form field to the Akkroo Attended Events Hubspot Contact Property you created in Step 1.

5. Inside Hubspot, Create a new Contact Smart List of people that attended the specific event. Include only Contacts that have attended and checked-in at the event by filtering on the new ‘Akkroo Attended Events’ that have ever been equal to the event name, in the example show this is ‘London Conference 2016’.
Questions & Related Tasks
Does this integration still work if people check-in at multiple events?
The Hubspot property stores present and past values for every Contact. When Akkroo Attended Events is updated, the historical search "have ever been equal to" ensures you will be able to create Smart Lists based on this property, even though it will be overwritten with a new value each time a contact attends an event. 
Can I map multiple form questions to one field in Hubspot?
Yes, it is possible to update one Hubspot field with the data from multiple form questions. For example, you may have split products out into categories but only have one Hubspot field for these.
Can I see a history of prior values for the Akkroo Attended property in Hubspot?
Yes. A full history of the attended events can be seen by filtering the Contact Property history.

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