Using Autocomplete questions

Avatar Ilemi Arrindell, 

Sometimes you may need to ask attendees a question that potentially has a long list of preset answers. Use an autocomplete question to neatly prompt attendees in the right direction. 


Setting up the field

Within the form builder create a new question and select the Autocomplete option. As with Checkbox and Dropdown questions you can enter the options in a list format.  

One effective use of this may be when you need location data from a lead. For example, you are offering a new product that has limited international availability.



You can use logic to determine the next question they see based on their answer or to send lead details to yourself automatically if they select certain answers. 

Some of the most popular uses of this field are to ask any geographical questions about country, nationality or educational institute. Find a text list of all countries here.  

 Customising the field 

The autocomplete field also allows for multiple answers to be selected. To enable this, you can set a "quantity of list options that are selectable":


Under more options, you can also select how many answers will preview as the registrant starts typing. You can also allow additional unlisted answers as well as set a preselected value.

The messages and errors section allows you to provide tips to the lead, to ensure that they understand how to use your form.


And now you're ready to go!  

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