How to edit a locked form

Avatar Craig Reid, 

Once your form contains data it will be locked preventing further editing, this is to ensure the existing data is exported in the correct format. 


If you need to make adjustments to your form you can do so using the following steps depending on whether it contains test data or live data:  


1. If your form only contains test data

From the dashboard, open the event you wish to amend.  

Once in the list navigate to the 'Actions' menu and select 'Empty data' from the drop-down.


2. If your form contains live data

If you have already begun to collect data in your event that needs to be saved, we recommend duplicating the event and editing the copy. 

From the dashboard use the tick box on the left-hand side to select the form in question. 

Then using the 'Actions' menu, select 'Duplicate'. 



This will create a new event in your list of open events, the title will begin with 'Copy of', you can rename this by opening and editing the event. 


You can then 'Continue' to make changes to the questions on your forms. 

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