How to set up Business Card Scanning

Avatar Ilemi Arrindell, 

Business Card Scanning is a great field for capturing data quickly in a secure format. We have put together some tips to ensure you get the most from it.  

Use two fields to capture data from both sides

If you tend to come across business cards that have information on both sides of the card you may want to add a second Business Card Scanning field to capture the back of the card. 


Have country as a separate field

Business cards will not always specify where a contact is based. If their location is an important data point we recommend recording this in a separate field. The Dropdown and Autocomplete fields are both great ways to capture where your contact is based. 

Find a text list of all countries here

Use logic to show or hide the field

As handy as business card scanning is, you should be prepared to encounter contacts who do not have a card available. However having the scanning field as well as text versions of all the fields it contains can make your form look messy.

Below we have used logic to determine whether the contact should be shown the business card field or the text fields.


Use printed cards

Business cards are transcribed by first using OCR technology they are then verified by a human reader.  

As such, the best results are produced when printed cards are used. Although handwritten cards may be transcribed, we can not guarantee the transcription will be complete. 



Flagging faulty transcriptions

If you believe you have received an incorrect or incomplete transcription you can report this from your Akkroo dashboard. The record will then be sent through for review to help improve the quality of our transcription service. 


Things to note:

- The list on the left-hand side highlights information we were unable to find on the card. Some business cards may contain more detail than others so double check whether the information is actually on the card before reporting.

- If the image is blurry or the text is illegible, this will impact on the quality of information that can be transcribed. 

- Our business card transcription service is optimised for English language, but we're also capable of transcribing other languages that use the Latin and Roman alphabet. Examples of languages that we can transcribe include:

English Dutch Finish
German Danish Estonian
French Norwegian Hungarian
Italian Swedish Croatian
Spanish Polish Slovenian
Portuguese Afrikaans  

 You can find out more on using business card scanning here

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