Customizing your export

Avatar Ilemi Arrindell, 

As soon as you start collecting data for an event, you will be able to access, download and export the data.

Note: Once you start collecting data, you are unable to make changes to the form itself. 

1. Login to your Akkroo dashboard.
2. Click on the event that you want to export data from.
3. You will see a list of the records that have been collected for that event. Click on the blue export data button at the top left-hand side and select Customize.



There are a number of ways for you to control your export so you can display the data to your needs. 

Reorder columns using your mouse to drag and drop them into position. 


To make edits to the information in an existing column click the column header/ first row or select the pencil symbol.

A column heading will be automatically generated for all standard fields but you can change this if you wish. For custom fields you will need to enter a heading yourself. 


Depending on the column type the edit options will change. 

Find & replace values in a whole cell to a different value. For example, you may record countries in your CRM by code. Below the answer "United Kingdom" becomes "UK".


Change the Capitalisation of the values in a column to reformat all the text to all uppercase or lowercase characters. For example, the city 'London' could be changed to 'LONDON'. You can also use Title Case to ensure first and last names begin with a capital letter. 


Date specific customisation 

When a column contains date/time information, you can choose how this data will be displayed. You can customize your spreadsheet with the following two date/time formats; 

  • Time 
  • Date, time


Custom columns

If you need to add further data to your spreadsheet or need to merge information from more than one existing column you will need to create a new column; you can do this by selecting the green plus symbol in the position you wish the column to appear.

You can then choose to populate a single custom value or use a concatenated value.

Populate every row in a column with a set value, for example you may want to assign a Campaign ID or Data Source.


You can also add in question fields you have previously removed. From the dropdown select the columns you wish to add. those not yet in the export are marked with an “X”



Join multiple values to populate a column with data from more than one form field. This could be used to bring multiple address fields together or to edit the format of first and last name. 

concatenate-1.pngOnce you are happy select the file type you'd like your export in. You can also choose a name for your file, or we will generate one for you. Hit Save & Go Back, to save your current edits or Save and Export Now if you're ready to go.


If you want to remove all edits you’ve made, simply select reset. This will restore the default configuration.

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