📱 Scan NFC event badges with your Akkroo app

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

Badges containing NFC chips are becoming increasingly popular, especially at large-scale events in the US. This is a development that we expect to see grow over the coming months and years – and so, we’re incredibly happy to announce that you can now use the Akkroo mobile app to scan event badges with NFC technology!

This is great news for app users with compatible smartphones* as you can quickly obtain badge data with a swift, contactless tap - it's the fastest method of data capture yet. 


NFC vs RFID: what’s the difference?

Sometimes the terms ‘NFC’ and ‘RFID’ are used interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two. Here’s what you need to know:

  • NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is technically a type of RFID (Radio Frequency Communication)
  • NFC operates on a different frequency compared to other types of RFID
  • NFC is great for event badges because it uses technology that is already built-in to many modern smartphones* (whereas RFID requires additional hardware to be rented)


*Compatible devices

While many of the smartphones on the market now come with NFC technology built-in, it’s not yet ubiquitous. Most tablets don’t support NFC support yet (including iPads). You’ll need one of the following devices to read NFC chips:

  • iOS devices = iPhone 7 onwards
  • Android devices = there isn’t a set rule for this and so, support for NFC varies. We advise checking your individual handsets at Unitag.io (which is updated daily) here.


Handy tips for scanning NFC badges

  • Hold the device close to the NFC badge, within a few centimetres will suffice
  • iOS devices read NFC chips at the top of the device, while Android devices typically read NFC chips on the back (the exact location can vary according to manufacturer)
  • On very rare occasions, NFC readers may experience interference if you attempt to read a chip placed on a metal surface. Simply lift the device and badge away from the surface to fix the issue.


Show me how! Scan an NFC event badge with the mobile app




  1. In the event form, navigate to the badge scan field. Click on the button, 'Scan'.
  2. Hold the device near an NFC badge, close to the area of your device that is capable of reading NFC chips.
    3. The associated badge data string will then populate the form field.
  3. Complete your lead and press ‘Submit’.
  4. Check that the lead has synced (notice the green circle on the lead). View the associated data fields in Edit View.


Do you have an NFC badge event in the pipeline? To get setup for your first NFC badge event, please speak with your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager. For help and support, contact our Support team: support@akkroo.com.

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