Guide to your Account Plan & Usage

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

Akkroo subscription plans have been designed with three things in mind:

  • pricing needs to be easy to understand
  • it needs to be aligned with how our customers are using Akkroo and the value you get from it
  • it needs to be scalable for customers as their requirements change

Your plan is based on a couple of key variables, so it’s important that you have visibility on what these are and how your usage is measured.

To view this information in the Akkroo Dashboard, simply navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab in the side menu and click on ‘Plans & Billing’. Here you’ll see metrics including ‘Active app users’ and ‘Active events’, which contribute to your subscription plan.

Reading your ‘Plans & Billing’ page, what it all means:




1. Your Plan - the plan you’re currently on
2. Company - the name of your company
3. Account Manager - the name of your Account Manager
4. Contract Start Date - when your account began *This may not be visible
5. Renewal Date - when your account is due for renewal *This may not be visible
6. Active App Users - an App User that has collected 2 or more records in the last 90 days
7. Active Dashboard Users - an Account Owner (user level) with access to the Akkroo Dashboard
8. Active Events - an event where 10 or more records are collected within the period of the contract (so does not include Template events, Test events or Empty events). *We’re still working on this metric, it’s coming soon!


If you have any questions about your current plan, chat with your Account Manager or email us on


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