👋 Logout is here!

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

🆕Feature: Logout

Customers told us that the ability to logout of the Akkroo app would be super helpful so that users can switch accounts and share devices. Now with our latest update, you can easily logout from within the app Settings (that means no more deleting and reinstalling the app!). 

A couple of points to remember

  • Logging-out of the app will cause any unsynced data to be lost - you'll see a pop-up notification as a reminder. It's worth double-checking that your records have synced before you logout.
  • To log back into the Akkroo app, you'll need your username and passcode. If you can’t remember these, you can tap the Forgotten Passcode button to receive your login credentials via email.


  1. Open the Akkroo app
  2. Navigate to the side menu and tap 'Settings'
  3. Tap the link 'Logout of [account]'
  4. Respond to popup (either confirm and logout, or cancel and sync your data)
  5. If you need to manually force the app to sync, navigate to your event’s records page and perform a pull-down action


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