GDPR Compliance: Akkroo features are here to help

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You may have heard, there are now stricter guidelines in place regarding the collecting and processing of individuals’ data (hello, GDPR!), so we’ve put together some handy tips to assist with your compliance and help you get the most out of Akkroo.

Top tips:

  1. Ask prospects to opt-in to marketing emails - and record their consent
  2. Add longer Terms & Conditions copy into a pop-up
  3. Customise your follow-up email so that prospects can manage their own subscription options

1. Ask prospects to opt-in to marketing emails - and record their consent

In the Form Builder, you’ll find a pre-formatted question called ‘Agree to Emails’, ready and raring to go. Use this to add a checkbox to your form - it’s an incredibly simple, effective way of recording that prospects have agreed to receive emails from you. (Best practice is to leave this unticked by default.)

Show me how! Setup a form checkbox field in the Akkroo Dashboard

1. In the Dashboard, create or edit an Event
2. In the Form Builder, add a Question and click on ‘Agree to Emails’. The question is now present in your form.
3. The copy is pre-populated, however you can edit this to match your company’s language, tone and add any specific processing requirements. Click on the question and edit the required elements in the yellow box.
4. Click on the ‘Save & Finish’ to save your form


As part of your sales-floor questions, directly ask prospects if they’d like to opt-in to receiving your marketing messaging. Be clear about what they’re signing up for - in what format, regarding what, how frequently - then ask them to tick the checkbox in the App to confirm they’re happy for you to contact them as you’d discussed. Remember subjects need to give active and informed consent.

Show me how! Input data in the Akkroo App

1. In the App, navigate to your event (Pull down to refresh the event form)
2. Tap the ‘Add Record’ button to open the form
3. Add your prospect/s data!


Some good practice tips:

Adopt ‘double opt-in’ as standard practice

Many of our customers here at Akkroo are using double opt-in for their lead capture. Double opt-in involves sending out a confirmation email that asks the recipient to verify their email address and consent, usually by clicking on a link inside that email. This link could direct customers to their subscription preferences page - you can generate and customise this link from within your Marketing Automation or Mailing List software. Here’s an example of a double opt-in email:

Watch out for events’ delegate lists

Badge scanning presents some challenges around ensuring you have the right consent. Even if a prospect has presented their badge for you to scan, it’s important to confirm with them if they’re happy for you to follow-up with any marketing communications.

Bear in mind too that under GDPR legislation, attendees may have chosen not to share their data with the event organiser or badging provider. In this case a badge scan would only return minimal data (if any). For more in-depth reading about badge scanning see: “A question of scanning: Data sharing event style”.

2. Add longer Terms & Conditions copy into a pop-up

You can embed more information into a pop-up window, rather than take up valuable space in your form. This is a long text field, which is ideal for detailing the nature of your follow-up communications including any legal or privacy copy.

Show me how! Setup a form pop-up in the Akkroo Dashboard

1. In the Dashboard Form Builder, navigate to a question where you would like to include your Terms & Conditions
2. In the yellow question box, add your pop-up link text between two curly brackets, for example: Yes, I agree to your {{Terms & Conditions}}
3. Scroll back to the top of the page and click on ‘Settings’ (this will switch from ‘Form Builder’ view)
4. Paste your Terms & Conditions copy into the ‘Pop-up window contents’ field
5. Click on ‘Save & Finish’ button to save your form 


Show me how! View a form pop-up in the Akkroo App

1. In the App, navigate to your event (Pull down to refresh the event form)
2. Tap the ‘Add Record’ to open the form
3. Navigate to the question that contains the Terms & Conditions pop-up (this will be underlined as a link)
4. Tap the Terms & Conditions link to view the pop-up
5. To exit the pop-up, tap the ‘X’ close button 


3. Customise your follow-up email so that prospects can manage their own subscription options

Whether you choose to send follow-up emails through your integrated CRM or Marketing Automation software, or send them from within the Akkroo Dashboard - ensure that your messaging is swift, personalised and relevant to the discussions you had with prospects.

Individuals’ rights to be forgotten is a key part of GDPR, so always ensure prospects are able to manage how they receive information from you. The email footer is a great place to add subscription management options, such as ‘Sign-up to our mailing list’, ‘Unsubscribe’ or ‘View Terms & Conditions’ links. Just remember that you still need permission to contact prospects with a follow-up mail in the first place, so make sure you get permission prior to mailing.

Show me how! Customise my follow-up email in the Akkroo Dashboard

1. In the Dashboard, navigate to your event and click on ‘Send emails’
2. Select ‘Email’ and progress to the setup
3. Tick the box called ‘Customise your email’
4. In the dropdown menu, select the opt-in question you’d set earlier and set ‘Matches’ to ‘true’ (all lowercase)
5. Continue to personalise your follow-up email as required
6. Email body copy can be changed in the ‘Your message’ box
7. In the ‘Footer text’ box, you can add any links (such as unsubscribe) with the format: 
[link text](link address)
eg. [unsubscribe]({{email}})
8. Save your form


For more information on personalising your follow-up email, check out our article: Setup a follow-up email

4. Want more GDPR?

Read more about our GDPR Compliance documentation here.


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