Check-in: What’s changed?

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

If you’ve previously used our check-in functionality, you may notice a couple of differences with our newly revamped app experience! We’ve spent a lot of time designing a simpler, more streamlined user journey to make recording customers' and prospects' attendance much faster.


📱What’s changed in the app?

Quick check-in button for a faster experience on the show-floor

Search, check-in, done.



Your preloaded guestlist is always visible, alongside the search function

To check-in a person to your event, browse the preloaded guestlist or search for an individual. 



Add new walk-ins from the search screen

Tap the 'Add new' button in the top right hand corner to record new walk-ins.



Tap the name and/or email to view the record and make any changes

Then submit the record to save changes and apply an attended status (check-in). 



For more information on how to setup your check-in events, import a list of invitees and mark people as attended, see our new article “Using Check-in and Setting an Attended Status”.


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