☑️ Announcing our New Check-in Function and Attended Status

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of our new check-in functionality! As the latest addition to Akkroo’s suite of lead capture features, you can now apply an ‘Attended Status’ to both new and imported records.

Things you can do with the new check-in function:

1. Import a list (csv file) of invited people before your event (in the Dashboard)
2. Mark people as having attended your event (in the App)
3. Amend contact details during your event (in the App)
4. Add more attendees/walk-ins to your event (in the App)
5. Export an Attended Status with your records post-event (in the Dashboard)


Read our new guide, “Using Check-in and Setting an Attended Status” for everything you need to know about using check-in at your event, including step-by-steps on event setup and how to apply an Attended Status to records.

For users of the old ‘Guestlist’ function, you’ll notice some improvements to how the new check-in function works. To find out more about these, see “Check-in Function: What’s Changed?”.

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