🚧 Legacy App Shutdown

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

For iOS users of the Akkroo Legacy app (the one with a grey icon!), please be aware that as of 23rd November, 2018, the Akkroo Legacy app will no longer be functional. So that you can continue to use Akkroo, please install the newer Akkroo app with the blue icon.

To get up to speed with the newer app, check out akkroo.com/upgrade or speak to your Customer Success Manager.


Q. What will happen after the 23rd November?

A. On the 23rd November, the Akkroo Legacy app will stop working. Please ensure that you have synced any data on your Legacy app before the 23rd November as we cannot retrieve any data past this point. Once you’ve synced your data, you can then delete the app from your device/s.

Q. Is this going to affect me?

A. Retiring the Akkroo Legacy app will only affect users on iOS devices who are currently using the Akkroo Legacy app. You can tell if this applies to you by noticing the colour of your app icon. If it’s grey, please install the newer Akkroo app. If it’s blue, you’re all set!

Q. If there’s data on my Legacy App that hasn’t been synced yet, will it be lost once the app is retired?

A. Yes. So that you don’t lose any data that’s been collected on the Akkroo Legacy app, please ensure all records have been synced before 23rd November. To do this, check your WiFi connection and perform a sync action (swipe downwards) on the events listing or records view. Confirm data is in the Dashboard and then proceed to delete the app.

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