👯‍ How we Manage & Present Duplicate Records

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

A refreshed approach to duplicate records within Akkroo!

Duplicate records used to be displayed as versions in the Dashboard, but as of today you’ll see them as separate, unique records - and clearly marked as duplicates of others. This gives you more visibility and control over how your leads are processed; so that you can determine whether they should be treated as individual opportunities, merged with existing records or discarded.

Duplicate records are now also clearly labelled in-App, helping app users identify if a record has been captured before.

Duplicate records behave in the following way:

  • They're visible as an individual record in the listing view
  • They're labelled as a duplicate in the listing and edit view
  • They can be edited
  • They can be exported
  • They can be part of the data output for integration
  • The contact does not get sent a follow-up email (this is to prevent the same email address receiving multiple emails)

Show me! What a duplicate record looks like in the App


Show me! What a duplicate record looks like in the Dashboard


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