🔖 View and edit badge scan data in-app

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

We’re happy to announce the launch of our latest app version 4.6.1… introducing the ability to view and edit badge scanned data in-app!

This is exciting news for app users because it means better visibility around badge scanning. Previously, app users were very limited in terms of being able to see what information had been captured from a badge and whether it was accurate.

With our latest app update, you can now open a lead in edit view and see badge scan fields presented in the form - where the data can also be edited. Any extra fields can be found in the expandable ‘show x additional fields’ section.

The ability to edit this data is reliant on badge fields being mapped to those in your form; your Customer Success Manager will be able to help with your pre-event form setup.

📱 Show me how! Scan a badge



1. In the App, go to your event form and open the badge scanner
2. Scan a badge, see a long code appear in the badge scan field and submit the record

📱 How a badge scan record looks in-App



1. Once you’ve submitted your record, open your record again (now in edit view) where you’ll see mapped badge data in your form
2. View, edit and save your record as required
3. If there are any hidden fields that have been mapped to your form, tap ‘show x additional fields’ to see these.

🖥 How badge scan records look in Dashboard 

In the Dashboard, you can identify a record that has been created with a badge scan. Open a record and look for two things:

1. The ‘Collection Method’ field will state ‘Badge Scan’
2. The ‘Scan Badge’ field will include a large alphanumeric code, which contains the information that has been shared with the badging provider.


Does this improve your badge scanning experience with Akkroo? Let us know when you next speak with your Customer Success Manager or contact support@akkroo.com

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