🙌 Improving the experience of mapping form fields to your integrations

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

Our latest Dashboard update brings greater visibility around the field mapping process. Improvements to the interface help by providing instant feedback on whether field data types match and if you've accounted for all the mandatory fields in your integration. In the Dashboard, you'll now see:

✔︎ Data type* displayed as a label next to each form field

*Data types can be one of the following:

  • String
  • Number
  • Boolean
  • Date

✔︎ Icons indicating whether data types match or not

✔︎ An alert if your CRM or Marketing Automation software has mandatory fields that haven't been mapped to a form field in Akkroo (unique to your individual set up)




In some cases, you can still pass mismatched data types despite the mismatch warnings shown on this page. For example, you can pass an Akkroo number data type into your CRM's string data type.

For questions about this feature, chat with your Customer Success Manager or email support@akkroo.com for help.


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