⚡️ Our new API is now available

Avatar Emily Higgins, 

We're delighted to announce that our new API is now available to use! This begins a 2-month transition period, during which all users of our current API will need to switch over to the new one.


Please note - in order to generate your new developer API Key, you'll need to request this functionality is activated via the dashboard. See how to do this below.


This new API isn't used for basic event profiles/badge scanning setups. It's an advanced technical setup used to direct your leads into 3rd party Marketing Automation and CRM software platforms that are not available through our out-of-the-box integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo etc).


Headlines and key dates

  • The new API is now available (July 2019)
  • Current users of the API now have until the end of September 2019 to transition to the new one
  • After this time, the legacy API will no longer continue to function
  • We've released a PHP SDK (software development kit), which you can download from GitHub here (with additional information on the SDK in GitHub here)
  • Developer documentation has been published and is accessible below


Technical documentation: Read the new API documentation here 


Why we've built a new API

  • We've upgraded our infrastructure to deliver an improved, more robust lead management experience for all customers.
  • As part of this project, we've built a next-generation API using the latest technology, to bring a range of benefits to all users of the API - including enhanced security, stability and quality. 


What you can do with the new API

  • You can do everything you could already do with the API - the existing functionality remains available. This includes:
    • Create and edit records
    • Retrieve, filter and sort event data collected
    • Push data to integrations
  • Behind-the-scenes, we've been working on modernising our entire architecture. In the long term, this means that you'll be able to benefit from new features on our API much faster than before - we'll be sure to let you know whenever new functionality becomes available.


What you need to do

  • If you currently use our API - you need to have connected to the new one, by the end of September 2019.
  • A level of technical ability or resource is needed to complete the switchover. You'll need to:
    • Update the endpoint locations used to request and send data to match the new specification
    • Update the format of the data that is sent and received from the new API to match the new specification
    • Update the format used to query collections to match the new specification
  • If you're planning to use the API but do not currently, please ensure that any development work is undertaken with the new API. Please see below for how to differentiate between the two.


First of all, request access to the new API in the Akkroo dashboard


1.  Navigate to 'Settings' in the side menu
2. Click on 'API'
3. Click on the blue button, 'Request Access to the New API'

This will instruct our Support team to enable the functionality on your account - we typically respond within 24 hours.


Generate your API key in the Akkroo dashboard



1. Navigate to 'Settings' in the side menu
2. Click on 'API'
3. Click on 'Generate API Key'.

Note: this will reveal your API key - it's important that you note this down somewhere safe and secure, as it will not be displayed again.


Technical documentation

Legacy API documentation
(retires September 2019)
New API documentation
View View


If you have any questions, please speak with your Customer Support Manager or Account Manager.

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