Using the Akkroo API

Avatar Emily Higgins, 
Note - the information in this article relates to the API released in July 2019. For information about switching over from the legacy API, please see Help Centre article: New API now available


Use the API to customise your lead management experience

  • Our API is an ideal way to gain greater control over your data and where it's sent. For example, you can use it to direct your leads into other Marketing Automation and CRM platforms that are not available through our out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Through the API, you can:
    • Create and edit records
    • Retrieve, filter and sort events, records and resources
    • Push data into integrations


Technical documentation: Read the API documentation here 

PHP SDK (software development kit): Download the SDK from GitHub here
Additional information about the SDK: Read more in the wiki here


Show me how! Request access to the API in the Akkroo dashboard


1.  Navigate to 'Settings' in the side menu
2. Click on 'API'
3. Click on the blue button, 'Request Access to API'

This will instruct our Support team to enable the functionality on your account - we typically respond within 24 hours.


Show me how! Generate your API key in the Akkroo dashboard


1. Navigate to 'Settings' in the side menu
2. Click on 'API'
3. Click on 'Generate API Key'.

Note: this will reveal your API key - it's important that you note this down somewhere safe and secure, as it will not be displayed again.

If you have any questions, please speak with your Customer Support Manager or Account Manager.

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